Update hurricane plans, supplies

We’re singing our annual August mantra.

Get prepared for hurricane season.

Many of us kept a wary eye on the weather last week as tropical systems looked like they were forming into something that could or could not be sinister.

As of press time the Cayman Islands looked to be pretty much in the clear. The Observer on Sunday hopes it hasn’t jinxed any of our three Islands. Chances are, the Cayman Islands will at least have some hurricane scares this year. An important factor to realise though is that hurricanes are not single points that only impact areas along the thin black line of the path of their centres. Hurricanes are large weather systems that sometimes span several hundred miles. Even if the path of a hurricane’s eye passes far away from a particular coastal area, it can still cause damage from heavy surf and rains – as Grand Cayman experienced first hand with Hurricane Michelle in 2001.

The only way to approach this or any other hurricane season is to prepare for a direct hit. This entails preparing our homes, developing a personal or family hurricane plan and buying some supplies.

Those supplies might cost a little money, but most of them are handy to have around anyway, and the foodstuffs can be eaten after hurricane season is over. Preparing for the worst, while hoping for the best, is the only way to ensure we are ready for any eventuality. If you are new to the Cayman Islands, we welcome you. If you’re not sure about the safety of the area in which you live during a bad storm, talk to your neighbours who have lived through such storms as Michelle, Hurricane Ivan in 2004 or Hurricane Paloma in 2008. If you need to know what to do before, during and after a hurricane, come by our offices at the Compass Centre on Shedden Road and pick up a free copy of the Hurricane Supplement 2011. You can also view it at www.caycompass.com and find it under the tab that says CFP Products. It’s chock full of information and there is even a handy shopping list to help you gather the items you will need to help you boost your hurricane supplies. If you haven’t already made family and business plans, do so now so that everyone will know where to go if evacuation becomes necessary. Also let friends and family members both on the Islands and overseas know where you will be in a storm.

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