Caledonian volunteers’ green effort

Last year the Caledonian Group set a goal to plant 40 native trees across Cayman to represent each year that the company has been present on island.

This month, 12 volunteers from the group dedicated their morning to getting their hands in the dirt and planting the first batch of the company’s purchased 40 trees.

The event took place at Teacher Al Park in the district of West Bay and was in collaboration with Government Recreation, Parks and Cemeteries Unit.

The collaboration was a perfect fit, according to Caledonian, as government-maintained public parks present a great opportunity to give back and help support greener, more environmentally friendly places for the community.

The Caledonian team planted nine sea grape and 13 coco plum trees around the park and has plans to continue these environmental efforts in other public parks.

“We believe that it is essential that as a firm and as individuals who live and work in this community, that we should do what we can to preserve our environment,” said Caledonian Managing Director Bernard McGrath. “The trees planted are not only beautiful, but they will help absorb storm water during heavy rains and will also improve air quality for us all. Planting trees is just one aspect of Caledonian’s larger plan to help preserve this environment for future generations.”

The West Bay planting event was inaugurated by new Caledonian Managing Director Barry McQuain and RPCU’s Acting General Manager Mikol Watler, by placing commemorative signs in the park.

At the sign installation event, Mr. Watler thanked Caledonian for its contribution, acclaiming them for their hands on role in making the island greener.

The partners and management of Caledonian are committed to achieving a real and sustainable positive impact in Cayman’s community. The organisation’s “Forty Trees for Forty Years” initiative focuses on the environment and hopes to be the first initiative in a series of ongoing efforts to promote and support endemic plant life.

For more information about Caledonian’s environmental initiatives or to view photos of the Caledonian tree gallery, visit

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