Crowder disses Dolphins’ Henne

Channing Crowder is a mercurial figure for Miami Dolphins football fans.

On one hand the linebacker started for the team the past six years and was a fan favourite due to being a (University of) Florida product. On the other hand he is controversial and tends to get himself and the club in hot water.

Crowder, 27, is making headlines again. After being released by the team earlier this summer and announcing his retirement last week, he took verbal shots at the side’s starting quarterback Chad Henne.

“He hasn’t really proven anything to me while I played with him,” Crowder said. “Now being on the other side and looking down on him as a fan, he hasn’t impressed me, either.

“He doesn’t have that (the ability to drive the team to victory late) in his heart yet. If I was a betting man I wouldn’t bet on him going crazy.”

For the record Henne was the National Football League’s 26th ranked passer last season. He threw 15 touchdowns and 19 interceptions for a Miami team that failed to reach the playoffs with a 7-9 record. The former University of Michigan standout has been under fire this summer by fan criticism and rumours involving Miami seeking to acquire another quarterback.

Cayman fans might remember the star was on these shores last year. Crowder and his then fiancée Aja Wright were here for the 2010 Cayman Islands International Fishing Tournament. The Atlanta native did not take part in the competition but engaged in fishing excursions orchestrated by celebrity angler Charles Ebanks and noted marine conservationist Guy Harvey.

Interestingly Crowder, who was drafted by the Dolphins in 2005, states he is not completely done with football. He plans to make a comeback in about a year after his wife delivers their baby.

“I probably will return next year, two years at most. I’ll see if we have any attention and try to get an offer. But, yeah, I’m out this year. It wasn’t so much about football as it was about my family, my new wife and my child on the way and having to up and move them when she’s due. It was more about that.

“Watching the preseason games and all and watching guys mess up and miss tackles, I’m like, ‘This guy sucks, I could beat 
him out.”

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