Women represent Cayman Islands

Fitness competition brings out the finest

Two young ladies have departed for Miami, Florida to represent the Cayman Islands at the NGA Bodybuilding and Figure Fitness and Bikini Championships this past weekend. 

Manisha Gupta and Sarah Angliss were to be strutting their newly sculpted figures and poses to judges at the event, after having completed 12 weeks on intense training with Nadine Dumas of What it Takes, a company that sets eating and exercising plans to people in Cayman and around the world and then monitors their progress. In the case of Manisha and Sarah, Nadine was very involved in every aspect of getting the girls ready for the competition, including the way they walk and pose. 

“It has been an amazing experience so far. We have been working with Nadine for some time and once we expressed an interest in getting into competing, she was very supportive and has pushed us to develop in every way,” Ms Gupta said. 

The women, who are 26- and 29-years old, completed much of their training at the World Gym on the West Bay Road. As part of the process of getting ready, a strict diet was adhered to, in addition to strength training with emphasis on presentation and confidence.  

As part of the competition, the women were also be tested for performance enhancing substances. 

Manisha and Sarah left Grand Cayman on Friday and were to return on Monday. 

Their trainer Nadine Dumas said, “It has been great working with the girls, one for a year and other for three months. I am quite proud of the attitude they have displayed and the work they have put in to get here. It’s a joy to see them competing.” 

bikini hopefuls

From left, are Sarah Angliss, Nadine Dumas and Manisha Gupta. – PHOTO: STUART WILSON

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