Fantasy takes the prize

Sixteen interns who participated in the Cayman Islands Government’s Student Employment Programme rounded out their month at the George Town Public Library with a book display competition.

Miriam Mascal, 15, and her teammate Renee Connolly won first place with their creative display titled The Art of Fantasy.

To reward their efforts, the two were treated to lunch by Public Library Director KC Williams-Cockfield.

“The interns worked very hard, both on their displays and for the library system this summer,” said Mrs. Williams-Cockfield, who said she appreciated having the opportunity to host them.

The interns were instructed to select teams then develop themes that incorporated reading and books from the library’s collection. The displays were to target either a teen or an adult audience.

Other instructions included the use of artefacts which supported their theme, and the inclusion of signs created on a word processor. The seven themes were Harry Potter, horror, Its food, Nora Roberts, The Art of Fantasy, Twilight and Under the Sea.

During the monthlong stint with the library, the interns were placed on a rotating schedule and worked the circulation and reference desks. They also assisted by shelving materials, sorting and cataloguing portions of the library’s collection and helping library patrons with technology access issues.

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