Grand Caymanian ready to host

The last time the Grand Caymanian served as a sports venue was for the 2010 Cayman Islands International Fishing Tournament awards ceremony. That fact is expected to change this week.

The local hotel is slated to host a darts tournament this Friday 26 August. Action is expected to get going at 8pm with a $5 entry fee for competing players. The format will be ‘blind doubles’ where teams of two will be chosen at random. Cash prizes will be on offer for the top two teams.

Henry Piarrot is the new General Manager of the Grand Caymanian. He has been working with the local darts body in his brief three months on island and states the plan is for the resort to be a permanent fixture on the sports scene.

“I’ve been working with Paul (Anglin, the president of the Cayman Islands Darts Association) to make the Grand Caymanian a headquarters for darts,” Piarrot said. “We’ve put in dart boards, everything is nice and professional. We’ve renovated the Blue Iguana Grill restaurant. This Friday night will be our first official darts tournament.

“A couple of guys from the association practiced here last Friday and gave their approval. The format for this Friday will be a blind doubles draw where you will not who your partner is before registering. That way the best guys cannot team up and dominate. Matches will be best-of-three with first place earning 70 per cent of the pot and second place getting 30 per cent. Bear in mind that the Blue Iguana is adding $2 per player to the winnings on offer for every person that registers.”

Darts association head honcho Paul Anglin was among those who checked out the venue last week. Though he is expected to be a formidable opponent, the West Bayer states a number of Filipino stars should shine on Friday.

“Henry has a vision to make the Grand Caymanian the headquarters for darts here,” Anglin said. “We’ll see how that goes. Mel Tagalog and I were the top guys at the impromptu tournament last week. We won’t necessarily be partners again due to the random format.

“Randy Cruz and Rodan Asuncion were two of the guys who also came out to the Grand Caymanian and I’d say they’re guys to look out for in this tournament. Then again if Earl Smith shows up, who has you know hails from the Bahamas, then you have to watch him too.”

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