Referrals boost diving sector

Co-operation between the dive sector on marketing initiatives looks set to help grow Cayman’s industry. 

Dive Center Business, Cayman Islands Dive Operators and the nation’s dive stores have partnered in the launch and pilot testing of a new, discover diving referral programme. This is designed to ensure those who might try a dive on holiday continue toward full certification in their hometown, while connected to local stores. 

The programme provides information to those individuals and also gives local retailers the same information to follow up, said Nancy Easterbrook of Divetech. 

“Cayman dive operators have been waiting for this program for years and are excited that Dive Center Business has finally made it happen. It’s a way for resort destinations to reach back to dive stores with referrals after years of getting referrals from retailers. Plus the proximity to the US and year-round diving make the Cayman Islands a logical place to pilot this exciting program,” she said. 

Red Sail Sports, Ocean Frontiers and Divetech have signed up to the 
scheme so far. 


How the scheme works 

A customer takes a discover-diving experience in the Cayman Islands and opts-in to accept additional information about diving. Back home they receive an email from the Cayman dive operator that thanks them for trying diving, encourages them to continue the experience by visiting a local dive store, and then provides the names and contact information of their nearest retailers. 

At the same time, those dive stores will receive an email from the Cayman dive operator with the customer’s contact information, so that the local retailers can follow up as well. So between encouraging customers to continue the diving experience with local contact information, and retailers having the leads, this program is intended to help bridge a gap that exists between a customer taking the resort course and what to do next to become a certified diver. 

The customers who do not opt in to receive additional information about diving will still receive the email from the Cayman dive operator which thanks them for the business, encourages them to continue diving and provides the name of their local dive retailers. 

The Discover Divers’ Retail Connection Program is currently being piloted by Cayman Islands dive operators that want to partner with dive stores to help grow the diving business.  

The pilot period is being used to test and refine the program. When the pilot is complete, the program will be available to resorts around the world.  

This Dive Training Magazine/Dive Center Business database program is not limited by agency affiliation and is intended to benefit all retailers by providing them genuine leads for an Open Water Course, to encourage ‘Resort divers’ to become divers, and the resorts to help them connect and become more valuable partners to retailers and to the industry at large – all as a way of growing the 
diving industry. 


Cayman’s underwater magnificence is an attraction worldwide. – Photo: File

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