Mel and Johnny claim top spots

Mel Tagalog continues to have the hot hand in the sport of darts.

The Filipino sensation added yet another tournament victory to his resume last Friday. At the Grand Caymanian inaugural darts event, Tagalog would win first place alongside team-mate and country-man Johnny Dulnagen.

Tagalog, who has dominated the sport over the last year and half, states Friday’s success was business as usual.

“I don’t know about all that, I just play the game,” Tagalog said. “I enjoy the game and that’s it. The tournament was cool and the place was great. The guys were very accommodating, especially the manager (Henry Piarrot).”

For his efforts Tagalog and Dulnagen would claim roughly $127 in cash. Runners-up Paul Anglin and relative unknown Matt Lee would get a smaller prize of about $50.

In all 26 players came out and were split up into 13 teams. The squads were randomly assembled due to a ‘blind draw’ format. The Philippines were well represented at the tournament by the likes of Rodan Asuncion, Jasper Esguerra and Randy Cruz. Other notable players included Cliff Weeks and Cassius Anglin. A decent crowd was on hand to catch the action including community figure Reginald ‘Choppy’ Delapenha.

News of the tournament comes ahead of the Cayman Islands Darts Association Annual General Meeting on 12 September. Interestingly the Grand Caymanian is expected to host that gathering from 7.30pm. Paul Anglin, who is the current president of the association, spoke about the resort as a venue for darts going forward.

“The Grand Caymanian is showing lots of interest in darts,” Anglin said. “They have upgraded the place with four new dart-boards, out-charts and score-boards and have offered all dart players good discounts on food and drinks, which is very encouraging for us.

“We will still be using other venues for competitions and hopefully we can keep everyone happy.”

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