Enterprise City starts youth outreach

School children in the Cayman Islands can be counted in those who will benefit from the proposed Cayman Enterprise City. 

At an Enterprise City youth outreach programme at Grace Christian Academy in West Bay recently, students were told to think outside the box when considering lifelong careers and the education needed to help them succeed. 

In her remarks to the students, Cindy O’Hara, the managing director of the project, related to students how she decided to become an architect after a presentation at her school and that she hoped the Enterprise City presentation could do the same for students. 

“I have the opportunity to become a developer and be part of something that is going to change Cayman. The most important part of this project and what really got me excited was the educational side. I want my children to have even more opportunities than I had,” she said. 

Hillary McKenzie-Cahill, vice president of marketing and business development for the project, also emphasised the new opportunities the project will open for students in the Cayman Islands. 

“Traditionally in Cayman, we have been raised to think of becoming a lawyer or an accountant because we have such a successful financial services industry. But now I want you to start thinking out of the box a little bit. You really can be anything you want to be and now you won’t have to go away to school to do it,” she said. 

During a multimedia presentation to students, representatives of Cayman Enterprise City explained the concept behind the development, as well as the new education and employment opportunities to be presented to students in Cayman. 

The highlighted careers included new-media applications developer, biotechnologist, commodities trader and movie producer, all of which are careers that will feature in the city’s Internet and Technology Park, Biotech Park, Commodities Park and Media Park. The fifth park, the Cayman International Academic Park, will be tasked with training local students to make the most of opportunities presented by the project. 

“We will offer education in subjects that will complement the existing industries that will be coming into CEC, furthering your career opportunities after leaving school, such as computer science, programming, financial markets, economics, film production, media studies and so much more, probably about a hundred new schooling opportunities for you guys to think about,” said Renee High, marketing and business development coordinator. 

“It’s about the future, it’s about jobs, it’s about careers. We’re building an academic part of CEC and I’m hoping that you will get to go to that local university,” Ms McKenzie-Cahill said. 

At the end of the presentation there was an opportunity for questions from the students, which drew a number of well-informed queries from some of the older students. However, all year groups participated with enthusiasm. 

There was also an opportunity for the students to win prizes by answering questions based on the presentation, with the audience clearly having paid attention during the presentation as there was no shortage of volunteers to answer questions. 

During the fall, Cayman Enterprise City will reach out to all schools in Cayman to share information on the options the project will open up in terms of employment and education. 

The presentation, which took place at Grace’s monthly prize giving at John Grey Church, was attended by Premier McKeeva Bush and Cline Glidden. 

In his remarks, Mr. Bush encouraged the students to embrace the opportunities presented to them and make the most of the new fields opened up by projects, such as Cayman Enterprise City. 

Attendees of the youth seminars will have the opportunity to sign up for the [email protected] e-newsletter where they can receive updates, careers advice, tips on interview techniques and CV writing, inspirational messages and links to good careers advice site. 

All students attending will have the chance to win prizes including an iPad2. 

CEC Grace Christian Cayman

School children gathered at Grace Christian Academy recently to learn about furthering their education with Cayman Enterprise City. – Photo: Eugene Bonthuys


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