911 services visits Triple C School

A visit was paid to sixth-grade Triple C students by 911 Services Assistant Manager Leslie Vernon and dispatcher Diana Johnson on Thursday, 29 September. 

During the visit, a presentation was given to reinforce the importance of good communication and how it helps within the emergency response field. 

Mr. Vernon stressed to students how important it is to listen in the process of communication, and it is one of the five most important roles for the 911 team. 

Sixth-grade teacher Carla Olson said, “The grade 6 Unit One reading theme tells us, we all need to communicate. To help us further understand the importance of communicating, guest speakers from 911 were invited to speak to the class. We concluded that the need to communicate ideas is a universal and essential one.” 

During the presentation, the visitors also provided the students with a brief history of the 911 services in the Cayman Islands and how important the service is to people in the Islands. 

The students also were told how 911 works and the key questions each dispatcher needs to ask so they can best help the person on the line. The overall presentation was called a success by organisers and school officials, who noted students demonstrated their listening and communication skills as they took notes and asked questions. 

911 visit triple-c school

Leslie Vernon speaking to Triple C students. – PHOTO: SUBMITTED

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