BAF Insurance offers guaranteed investments

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As a member of the BAF Global Group, BAF Insurance benefits from the sound investment practices of the group.

By investing in fixed income securities and cash with a small component of high quality equities, BAF is able to offer the security of guarantees to their clients who do not need to concern themselves with the volatility of the stock market or other investment vehicles subject to market conditions.

BAF SaveSmart–3.25% Guaranteed Returns

BAF SaveSmart annuities guarantee a minimum of 3.25% return in the first year with a promise of competitive rates thereafter. Whether you have a large sum of $2,500 or more that you wish to invest in a Single Annuity or you have limited funds and would prefer to make smaller, monthly contributions in a Flexible Annuity, a trained BAF agent can help you choose the right plan.

BAF SaveSmart investments are perfect for saving for retirement, your child’s college education, a down-payment on a home or property, to start a business or as a personal pension plan.

PLUS $10,000 FREE Accidental Death Benefit

You can never have too much life insurance; but you can have too little. And that’s why effective September 2011, BAF SaveSmart Clients automatically receive up to $10,000 of free personal accident coverage.

BAF Guaranteed Pension Plans
Despite harsh economic conditions, BAF’s guaranteed 3.5% guaranteed rate has held firm and continues to perform well.

At BAF Insurance you are priority no. 1. Your goals, your dreams, your needs are the cornerstones on which your personal investment plans are built. Investing should be stress-free. It should be well thought-out and tailored to meet your goals. It should offer some guarantees. At BAF Insurance, it’s all three.

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