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SideBar: Green Business

‘Green’ is no longer just a cool slogan and many people are thinking twice about how they use consumables and how their actions impact our environment. But not everyone understands how to incorporate their green policies and activities into a brand. In a recent report by interbrand, companies like Toyota, 3M, Siemens, and Johnson & Johnson placed at the top of the Best Global Green Brands ranking this year but companies like L’Oreal, Nokia and HSBC who score much higher in actual ‘green’ performance placed much lower. This suggests that while they are achieving greater things internally in terms of environmental sustainability they are still not effectively communicating their efforts to consumers. This is obviously on a global scale but what we do here locally is just as important.

We already know that all things being equal consumers prefer green companies. It just makes us feel better if we perceive we are making a positive contribution to our environment at the same time as making a necessary purchase. Consumers choose one brand over another every day and if your company isn’t keeping up with the current trends influencing product choice then this is more than likely going to affect your bottom line. But this isn’t the only reason you should reassess your company’s ‘green’ factor; there are many cost reducing benefits too. It’s not always necessary to make big sweeping environmental gestures, just check out the Chamber’s Environmental Pledge – we have lots of sustainable ideas that you can get started on tomorrow. Some of these ideas include introducing an office paper recycling programme, introducing energy saving products, planting native plants on your property, turning lights and electrical products off when not in use and minimising use of plastic and Styrofoam; all ideas that can help save money in the long term.

Another reason for putting on your ‘green’ glasses is how it may enhance your innovation process. When you start to look at how to develop your products or service from a more sustainable source, you may also create more sustainability for your business as a whole. New and exciting products and services that serve the needs of the environmentally conscious consumer are in demand. Generally companies that do good will in return see good results.

So think about how you present yourself to your customers. Green is sexy and it is important to let them know where your company stands on environmental issues and what you are doing to make a difference. You can also become a Chamber GREEN business by letting us know what environmentally friendly products or services you provide or let us know any of your own initiatives you have implemented to protect our environment and natural resources.

The Chamber of Commerce is proud of our members who introduce GREEN business practices and we hope many other businesses will take their lead. For those who don’t know where to start we encourage you to take the first step by adopting the Chamber Environmental Pledge.

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