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Growing with Solutions means empowering individuals, workplaces and communities to meet their specific goals. Through our various service offerings, Solutions Ltd. provides tools to do just that.

Our Services:
Our corporate services division provides tools in the area of people development through employee support services, counselling, conflict management, human capital development and learning and development services. We are a resource that many organisations can utilise to assist with their biggest asset: their employees.

Our personal services division provides tools for individuals, families and the community. We offer individual, family and couples counselling; mediation services to help resolve conflicts at home, in schools and in the community; personal coaching; and learning support for young children.

Our Goal:
Through providing these services, our goal is to help our clients grow as individuals, organisations and communities.

Grow as an Individual:

Individual growth is key to being successful in the various roles people play in their lives. Such roles include being an employee, a spouse, a parent, a sibling, a friend and a mentor. Often, individual growth is not treated as a priority and, as a result, people run into difficulties being successful in one or more of their roles and responsibilities.

Grow as an Organisation:
Because employees are an organisation’s most important asset, we believe that organisational growth should come from within. Organisations that focus on the growth of their employees place importance on providing opportunities for employees not only to learn about the business and business development but also to encourage employees to engage in learning and development in as many relevant areas as possible.

Grow as a Community:
A community grows when individuals are involved and work together to solve problems. Through such programmes as peer mediation and peer mentoring, we teach the younger generation how to work through dilemmas and how to assist their peers in negotiating win-win solutions.

At Solutions Ltd. we’ll help you pick the solutions you need to grow.

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