Home Gas Offers “Green” Energy Expertise At Expo

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Dayne Brady, General Manager of Home Gas, is excited about the new propane appliances and equipment to be showcased at this year’s Business Expo and answered the following questions about it:

Q: What is Home Gas’ goal for this year’s Expo?

DAYNE: “We want to give homeowners and businesses a firsthand look at the many ways they can go green with propane, and reduce their energy costs in the process. Propane is the cleanest fuel-based source of energy available in the Cayman Islands, so using propane appliances and as an alternative motor fuel is an excellent way to cut carbon emissions here.

Q: How hard is it to switch to using propane?

DAYNE: It’s easy! Home Gas can manage the entire process for our customers from start to finish. We’ll be glad to come to your home or business to discuss your particular situation and conduct a free “energy audit” to determine the best way for you to achieve energy savings.

Once the proposal is accepted, Home Gas handles the permitting and arranges the inspections. We work hand in hand with the Building Control Unit and Planning to get any issues that may arise quickly resolved.

Today’s gas appliances and equipment demand more precise control of the propane pressure and supply.  No matter the scope of the installation, our team of fully trained and certified installation technicians ensure your gas system is done in strict accordance with the codes governing its safety. And your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Q: Do you have any special Expo deals?

DAYNE: This is a great time to go propane. If you buy any two appliances from Home Gas, you’ll get 10% off the installation costs. Or you can buy 3 appliances and get a free Bubba’s oven/grill! 

Q: Speaking of outdoor BBQ grills, is Home Gas cooking at the Expo?

DAYNE: Oh yes! We’ll have the Bubbas grills fired up and lots of free samples to demonstrate their versatility!

Q: Home Gas has been selling propane appliances here for more than 50 years, but what about motor fuel? Is that relatively new to the island?

DAYNE: We’ve been running our Home Gas fleet off propane for the past 20 years! Our vehicles will be on hand at the Expo for anyone to see how easy it is to convert an engine since we’re now offering it to residential customers and fleet businesses as well. Propane as a motor fuel results in better performance on your engine, extend its life, reduces your engine maintenance and significantly cuts carbon emissions by 60% from your vehicle.

Propane assist kits for diesel engines are also taking off here for large boats and trucks and even residential vehicles. They work by injecting just enough propane in to the combustion chamber to get a more efficient burn of the diesel fuel – boosting it from 65% up to 99% fuel used. Home Gas can retrofit most diesel engines, without the need to change or modify the design or operation of the engine. With no permanent modifications required, installation time is short (approximately 1 1/2 days).

Q: What is your biggest priority at Home Gas?

DAYNE: Safety remains our biggest priority. The propane industry has gone to great lengths to insure the safety through proper training, containers, proper installations, fittings, valves, storage, etc.

Home Gas has raised the standards of installations and propane usage in the Cayman Islands over the last seven years. All of our installers are NFPA and CETP-certified which is done through a third party training institution brought in from the U.S.  So all of our employees have the credentials they need to do the safest propane installations.

We follow the US Codes of NFPA 54 & 58 for installations that are the most stringent standards in place today regulating propane safety. By bringing in the third party trainers, we validate that our installation technicians are within the industry guidelines set for the most up to date current training that is available.

Q: What do you consider to be some of the best ways to save with propane?

DAYNE: Home Gas continues to look for the latest in propane technology that can be used to preserve our delicate eco-system and lower energy costs. We offer propane tankless water heaters, gas dryers, cooktops and ranges, air-conditioning, pool heaters, Tiki torches, generators and much more. We’ll have many of these kinds of appliances on display at the Expo.

Q: What are you especially excited about that Home Gas will showcase at the Expo?

DAYNE: Everything!

Q: Can you be more specific?

DAYNE: Alright, I am especially excited about propane-powered yard and landscaping equipment. Now we’ve partnered with Zipper and Onyx Environmental to be able to bring propane into the small engine market.  Did you know a small 20” push mower in one 8-hour day can put off as much emissions as a car in an entire week? But now it’s possible to convert that engine to run off propane! We’ll have the large Zipper mower on display as well for landscapers. So come on by!

Please stop by the Home Gas booth at the Business Expo, visit us at our Appliance Showroom on Walkers Road, or call us at 949-7474

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