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The Flowers Group are pioneers of concrete block wall systems in the Cayman Islands and have supplied the local building community with quality construction products since 1946. Flowers is the foremost name in Cayman for concrete building products, including concrete blocks, pavers and sea walls. The newly added foam and steel division of the Flowers Group, Flowers Foam, offers environmentally friendly, cost-effective, innovative alternatives to traditional construction methods, saving time and money. Our wide selection of products – all manufactured on-island – includes Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), Foam Flat Sheets, Architectural Components, the Cay Deck flooring system and Custom Steel Studs.

Insulated Concrete Forms have been used for decades around North America and are approved for the most stringent building codes and adverse weather conditions. Leading-edge manufacturing techniques now make ICF affordable locally to mass-market builders and homeowners. The concept for ICF is simple: Foam block is connected together through webs. Once the blocks are stacked and reinforcement steel put in place, concrete is poured through the middle of each foam block. This gives the effect of a reinforced concrete wall, encased in 5-inch thick

Styrofoam. ICF has essentially replaced traditional wall insulation. An ICF building is not only energy-efficient but also hurricane-resistant.

Flowers Foam’s ICF blocks are LEED-certified and can reduce energy costs by 15 to 20 per cent, because ICF dwellings are less expensive to heat and cool. Flowers Foam Block building system has the added safety of being a certified type-2 fire-retardant EPS insulation. ICF buildings are built to withstand Category 5 hurricanes, as demonstrated in 2004’s Hurricane Ivan.

Flowers Foam’s ICF product also allows flexibility in design, improved air quality and healthier buildings not conducive to the proliferation of mold, mildew or pests such as termites.

The Flowers Foam ICF Block is affiliated with Fox Blocks, one of North America’s leading ICF manufacturers, making a wealth of international resources available to the local market, including extensive testing and international code approvals.

For pre-existing concrete structures, Foam Flat Sheets may be an energy-efficient option. Manufactured to specified thickness, Foam Flat Sheets can be adhered to pre-existing concrete walls to greatly reduce cooling costs and improve sound acoustics.

Foam Architectural Components, including moldings, columns, arches, caps, bases and columns, are cost-effective alternatives to traditional wooden or concrete forms. Each component is custom-made and computer-cut, allowing for intricate and precise details virtually impossible with wood or concrete moldings.

The Flowers Foam Cay Deck flooring system is an insulated concrete form used for the construction of floor systems. This results in faster-build times and post-construction sound resilience.

While traditional steel studs come in standard sizes that then need to be sized down onsite, Flowers Foam offers a wide variety of Custom Steel Studs in various gauges that can be manufactured to spec and cut to custom lengths. Flowers Foam’s made-to-order custom studs save time and labour costs on the job site. Flowers Foam also manufactures quality Hat track. Flowers Foam’s steel studs are the highest-quality steel studs on island and conform to all Cayman building codes.

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