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In these times, where few companies have managed to escape some form of cost cutting measure, recruitment of new staff may seem a long way off. Some organisations, however, see the recession as an opportunity to source quality candidates in an environment that is offering talent for the taking.

Milly Serpell, managing director of SteppingStones Recruitment commented that “although local unemployment may have increased over the past year or two, the majority of our clients are struggling to identify the right talent and fear that competition for talent is greater than ever.

“The role of an agency can greatly broaden your talent arena and enhance your ability to attract the right talent”

Many companies believe that managing the recruitment process in-house will afford them a significant cost saving, But they are wrong.

Wading through the mass of applications is time and resource intensive for any organisation, especially as many candidates may not meet the minimum requirements. Recruitment agencies can remove this burden, eliminating the time and resource costs involved and allowing Human Resource professionals to concentrate on other vital business.

All reputable recruitment agencies will interview and screen potential candidates before presenting them to organisations for consideration.

Organisations can often reduce or eliminate the costs associated with advertising by making use of the local and global advertising that an agency is likely to be engaged in. Using this resource may also extend the scope of the search for suitable candidates. Agencies may also be working with potential candidates who fit the selection criteria and can be considered for the position.

In order for a recruitment agency to work effectively with any organisation, they need to invest time and effort into establishing strong relationships and a solid understanding of the organisation’s workplace, current practice, culture, ethos and future goals.

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