Scotland praises Frasers

Minister for Sports Mark Scotland has congratulated the Fraser brothers as the pair made international headlines last week after their tour de force at the Pan Am Games in Mexico.

Sharing the podium, Brett won the 200m metres freestyle with Shaune pocketing a silver medal in the same race. Shaune had earlier won a bronze in the 100m butterfly. Scotland applauded the Frasers for their tremendous achievement.

Scotland said: “These two champions started their swimming career in a 25 metre pool. But never did they use it as an excuse not to reach the top. They have steadily worked their way up without sacrificing their academic careers. They are truly worthy examples of how hard work and dedication can pay off.”

Shaune has been a Cayman Islands Elite Athlete since 2010, and Brett became an elite athlete this year. They have represented the Cayman Islands at the Beijing Summer Games 2008 and now have their sights firmly set on the 2012 London Olympics.

Shaune almost got another medal on Thursday, missing bronze by one-hundredth of a second in the 50m freestyle. Both brothers set national records in their swims.

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