Chad surges in World Run

Despite threatening conditions which ultimately washed out many of Saturday’s later activities, there was still a good turn out of intrepid competitors for a damp outing to celebrate World Run Day on the local scene.

Chadwick Webster and Derek Larner led in a back and forth battle until Webster put on a late push which earned him first-place honours in 18 minutes 50 seconds, with Larner eight seconds back. Marlon Crowe gained third spot in 19:30.

For the ladies, Emma Byrnes turned in the best time, clocking 21:53, with Gill Comins runner-up at 24:20 and Corina Palmer third with a 25:46 mark.

In addition to Cayman Islands representatives, visitors from Illinois and the United Kingdom turned out, while members of the local community also showed the colours of England, Australia, the Ukraine, Ireland, Canada, Brazil and St.Lucia.

Jacqui Farrington’s Scotland outfit including kilt and ‘Braveheart’ face painting was judged the most outstanding.


1.Chadwick Webster,18:50

2.Derek Larner,18:58

3.Marlon Crowe,19:30

4.Kevin Connolly,19:55

5.Rod Palmer,20:21

6.Henry Streather,20:50

7.Martin Davies,20:54

8.Scott Ruby,21:21

9.Alex Logvinov,21:44

10.Emma Byrnes,21:53

11.Micho Schumann,22:12

12.Steve Holmes,23:07

13.Chris Green,23:08

14.Kim Eckart,24:02

15.Gill Comins.24:20

16.Ron Etcitty,24:43

17.Matt Santulli,25:04

18.Bill Santulli,25:06

19.Vlad Logvinov,25:28

20.Vincent Mosley,25:39

21.Randy Mellaneo.25:42

22.Corina Palmer,25:46

23.Saskia Lawrence,26:16

24.Gabriela Davies,26:44

25.Timothy Larner,27:50

26.Kendra Hurlston,27:55

27.Maria Leonce,28:10

28.Trevor Murphy,28:47

29.James Doheny,28:59

30.Perry Rombough,29:03

31.Michael Tafoya,29:37

32.Marshall Forbes,29:57

33.Sonya Sherman,30:01

34.Julie Proud,32:20

35.Chrisopher Bowring,32:47

36.Sheryl Murray,33:41

37.Kate Bowring,34:49

38.Richard Moody,39:44

39.Jil Zadny,41:44

40.Loretta Westin,48:12

41.Elizabeth Westin,48:26

42.Jacqui Farrington,48:28

43.Ray Farrington,48:30

44.Ezithamae Bodden,50:00