UK Minister meets privately with Premier

Cayman Islands Premier
McKeeva Bush is heading to London this weekend ahead of talks with the
Overseas Territories Consultative Council planned for later this month. 

According to Mr. Bush’s
press secretary, the Premier is meeting privately with British Overseas
Territories Minister Henry Bellingham on matters he “preferred not to include on
the agenda” for the overseas territories council. 

 “The talks involve a
number of urgent matters including a financial reform agreement,” a statement
from Mr. Bush’s office released Saturday read.

No details were provided
regarding what “financial reform” would constitute or what the meeting with Mr.
Bellingham would otherwise entail.

Please check back with next week for more details on this story…

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  1. Who authorised that these urgent matters including a financial reform agreement be discussed by Mr Bush privately (that is, secretly, off the record, whatever)with Mr Bellingham, and what are they? What mandate has Mr Bush for this? Does his party know?
    Was Cabinet involved?

  2. @ Old Hand – Just like who authorized the Governor and our politicians in 2008/9, to have meetings behind closed doors in secrecy, regarding the drafting of our Constitution. I realize it is their government, not ours

  3. Old Hand

    You’re asking some serious and relevant questions here…if the relationship between Britain and Cayman ran under British parliamentary rules but, unfortunately, it doesn’t and…

    The Caymanian people have NEVER, EVER been able to break open this veil of secrecy that defines this relationship.

    No such political culture or rules exist in Britain; in Britain,the press, the political opposition and the population makes sure that nothing they do is hidden from us…at the pain of prosecution and jail in the worst scenarios or political and personal disgrace, in the best.

    The truth is; in Britain no one cares about the British Overseas Territories; most modern British citizens don’t even know that Britain still has overseas ‘colonies’ as they used to be called.

    The underhand workings behind citizens backs that defines the relationship between Cayman and Britain would never be tolerated here in Britain.

    If they had us over the barrell like they do in Cayman, we would be in their faces about it and …

    Here in Britain, we have a tough enough job keeping them out of our pockets and private lives as much as possible…

    But we are on the job…every single day.

    In Cayman, the CI Government and the British Foreign Commonwealth Office, along with our Minister Bellingham, know that they have a docile population backed into a corner…

    Pity for the poor people of Cayman who cannot stand up for themselves.