Safes don’t break under pressure

Unlike the other two softball champions this season, The Security Centre Safes had to live up to great expectations.

Coming into the Cayman Islands Little League Fall Adult Co-ed Softball League, the Safes were the reigning C league champions. Though they were OK during the regular season (with a 6-6 mark in second place), the squad stepped it up in the playoffs.

For team captain Brad Watts, the Safes are a team that did not succumb to the pressure.

“You called us the possible favourites in the game in one of your articles so I told my team before the game that we had a lot to live up to,” Watts said. “We had to go out and show why we were the favourites. We never let up on our batting and our defence preserved the game for us. To beat Billy Bones by 12 runs is an overall shock as we know they have some great hitters.

“Plus we went in to the game without three of our starting players (first baseman Stuart Bostock and outfielders Al Schmidberger and Shaun Devine). We played with two injured players in Robyn Larkin (pulled back) and Brian Hurley (who had three Runs Batted In). We had to play several players in positions they didn’t normally play (second baseman Robyn moved to first and Mick Booker moved to left field from right).

“Ultimately Joey Hew pitched a stellar game and had an inside the park home-run. Our shortstop Chris Larkin was nearly flawless in the field and had some nice opposite field hits that scored several runs. All of the batting ladies had at least one hit each, Chris Duggan had three hits and I had an inside-the-park home-run and six RBIs on the night.”

The Safes claimed their second straight C league title by beating the Billy Bones Jager Bombers 19-7 last Thursday at the Field of Dreams in George Town. In the process they stifled the likes of Billy Bones pitcher/team captain Tony Mark, infielder Andy Armstrong and lady slugger Daniela Ryan. Billy Bones was an elite side this season. They won the regular season crown with a 10-2 record and allowed just 73 runs, tops in all of co-ed softball.

The Safes join KM Ltd (A league) and the Glovernauts (B league) as season champions. The next edition of co-ed softball starts up on Monday, 16 January, 2012.

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