Cayman Imports hosts family day

Around the Thanksgiving holiday season, it is fitting the Merren family decided to host Cayman Imports’ inaugural International Family Day on Sunday, 20 November, to foster a stronger family atmosphere.

Cayman Imports, the parent company, paired with all the entities of the Merren family brand: Hurley’s Marketplace, Beacon Trucking, Posh Spa, It’s Your Party, Z99.9 and The Rooster 101.9, in order to invite their employees of all nationalities to share their culture with each other and to compete in a cultural celebration contest.

The mid-afternoon event held at Shanna Merren’s home also included catered food, a bouncing castle for children and music.

Team Philippines from Hurley’s Marketplace won a cash prize as the first place winner in the cultural contest when their beautifully decorated, three table spread wowed the judges. Their presentation included such foods as their national fish, stuffed milk fish, roasted pig, grilled Tilapia in banana leaves and carved fruits. An employee wore traditional Igorot dress and the team also displayed their national flag, a model of traditional Philippines architecture, a Nipa Hut and kitchen utensils.

Second place winner was Team Jamaica whose presentation included their national fruit, ackee and saltfish, sugar cane, and other staple dishes such as steamed fish, festival and bammy. They also included their national flag and two employees dressed as top musical and cultural icons, Bob Marley and the Honourable Louise Bennett Coverley.

Coverly, the beloved mother of Jamaican poetry and folklore, is credited with elevating Jamaican Patois to being seen as a relevant cultural contribution by the people of Jamaica and abroad. Other teams that enthusiastically competed this year included Brazil, Britain, Canada, Cayman, Cuba, Columbia, Honduras, India, South Africa, and the United States.

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