Tortuga expands to Cayman Brac

Mary Lou’s Brac Freeport store on Cayman Brac is now being managed by Tortuga Rum company. 

Brac Freeport, distributors and retailers of wine and spirits, was established 1975 at the old Buccaneers Inn by Trevor Foster and his wife, Mary Lou. The premises moved to Tibbetts Plaza 11 years later.  

Mrs. Foster decided to retire six months ago, and after reading a newspaper article about Judy Deslandes of JD Liquors in West Bay arranging a management and eventual buy-out of her store by Tortuga Rum Co. Ltd., she contacted Robert Hamaty of Tortuga to talk to him about a similar arrangement. 

“I am very happy and confident that Tortuga, a family-owned business by Mr. Robert and Carlene Hamaty is the perfect match to continue and make Brac Freeport a bigger and better business,” Mrs. Foster said. 

With this investment, Tortuga attains a new duty paid licence and distribution rights for Cayman Brac. 

Tortuga assumed management of the establishment in late October and Sharon McCoy is manager of the store. 

“The Brac has all the infrastructure, a beautiful coastline and the bluff, positioning it perfectly for continued growth in the tourism industry,” Mr. Hamaty said. 

Mr. Hamaty and his wife, Carlene, have decided to rename the retail store, “Mary Lou’s Fine Wines and Spirits”, which the store has been known as in Cayman Brac for decades. The distribution and wholesale side of the business will remain Brac Freeport. 

A grand reopening of the store is being organised. 

Mary Lou store Cayman Brac

Tortuga Rum’s Robert Hamaty with his wife Carlene, left, and store manager Sharon McCoy, outside the Ms Mary Lou’s Brac Freeport. – PHOTO: SUBMITTED

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