Book sale benefits shelter animals

The Cayman Islands Humane Society Book Loft will be holding a book sale this weekend.  

The event, which will take place outside Kirk’s Supermarket beginning at 10am on Saturday, 3 December, will see the organisation offering a selection of the books available at reduced prices in an attempt to move stock and drive business toward the Book Loft. 

“We have thousands and thousands of books here, and not just novels. We have nonfiction, we have interior design books, we have books on diving, we have books on animals, we have children’s books, we have games … there is so much here, but we need new customers,” said Kim Govan, a volunteer with the Book Loft. 

She said although the humane society’s shelter is painted bright blue, many people are not aware of the Book Loft. As the money raised by the Book Loft plays an important role in the funding of the shelter, this creates a problem for the organisation. 

“Apart from donations that are made by kind people of the Cayman Islands, the bread and butter that runs the humane society on a day-by-day basis is made up of the Thrift Shop and the Book Loft. And obviously in the economic climate and the fact that the population is down, our takings are down,” Ms Govan said. 

According to Ms Govan, the decreased turnover at both humane society stores, along with fewer donations, is starting to impact the services the humane society can deliver at the shelter on North Sound Road. 

“It’s impacting the animals, it’s impacting the care we can give to the animals. We certainly can’t afford to repair this old build,” Ms Govan said. 

The Book Loft will have a wide selection of books available at the sale, but Ms Govan said this would only give shoppers a taste of the selection available at the book loft. 

“A lot of people, until they walk in here and see it, they don’t appreciate the selection and how cheap it is. Even for small change you can buy two new books, you can buy a game, you can buy stationary,” she said. 

Ms Govan said shopping at the Book Loft, which is located above the humane society facility on North Sound Road – next to AL Thompson – can help the humane society while at the same time offering a great way to save money. 

“In the Book Loft and the Thrift Shop it’s not like we’re asking for something for nothing,” she said. “We’re just saying if you fancy a new book then come here first as we might have it and at least then the money is going to a good cause.” 

cayman islands humane society book loft dog

Funds raised by the Book Loft help allow the Humane Society to care for the dogs at the shelter. – Photo: Eugene Bonthuys

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