Online poll: Majority: Lift Ja visa requirements

The majority of respondents to last week’s online poll agree with lifting the visa requirements for at least some Jamaicans. 

Last month, the Cayman Islands lifted the visa requirement for Jamaicans younger than 15 and older than 70.  

Since October 2005, all Jamaicans have been required to obtain visas to visit the Cayman Islands. 

Of the 623 total respondents, 333 of them – 53.5 per cent – agreed with lifting the visa requirement for some Jamaicans.  

The largest segment of those respondents – 249 people or 40 per cent of the total – agreed with the decision made by the government to lift the visa requirements for Jamaicans younger than 15 and older than 70. 

“However, you need to watch that 15-year-olds don’t overstay for three years and then look work,” said one person. 

“Now let us see if Jamaica will reciprocate for Caymanians under 15 and over 70 prior to the upcoming holidays,” said someone else. 

“I think valid visa holders of other countries such as the US, Canada and the UK should be allowed in without visas as well,” said another person. 

“They should lift all visa requirements for Jamaicans,” commented one person.  

“These are your brothers.” 

Another 72 people – 11.6 per cent – thought the visa requirement should be lifted only for Jamaicans over the age of 70. 

“Crime starts young these days,” said one person. 

“I doubt if old Jamaicans can cause much trouble,” said someone else. 

“Younger than 12 would be better,” said another respondent. 

Twelve people – 1.9 per cent – thought the visa requirement should be lifted only for Jamaicans under the age of 15. 

Another large segment of respondents – 257 people or 41.2 per cent of the total – did not agree with any element of the government’s decision. 

“Too many fake Jamaican passports out there to be absolutely prove how old or young they are,” said one person. 

“Why didn’t we insist they lift their visas on Caymanians before agreeing to anything since that was only put in place as retaliation,” said someone else. 

“I can’t believe that this would be approved by the governor without it being reciprocal,” said another respondent.  

“Has Jamaican lifted it for us? Nope!” said one person.  

“No matter the age, there’s the potential to abuse the system.” 

Thirty-three people – 5.3 per cent – responded ‘I don’t know’ to the question. 

“It’s not that I don’t know; it’s that I don’t care,” said one person. 


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  1. Well, for starters, it may not be in the best interest of immigration to lift Visa Requirements for ANYONE, since each of the applications require a monetary fee. In reality though, the United States probably has the most sophisticated Visa/Immigration process in terms of background checks etc. Having said that, I believe that anyone who has been cleared to visit the States, has been throughly checked out, and should be fine to travel here.

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