Childhood obesity advert launched

The Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman has launched a public service announcement about tackling childhood obesity in the Cayman Islands.

The club celebrated the premier of the new PSA on 20 November at Grand Old House.

As well as highlighting the growing problem of obesity among children and youth in Cayman, the public service announcement also serves to help raise funds for the Children’s Health Task Force, which runs programmes to teach children about healthy food and lifestyle options.

The ad will air on CITN’s Cayman 27 during the next six months and also three of its international channels. It will also air at Hollywood Theatre in Camana Bay throughout December, as well as on dms Broadcasting radio stations Kiss 106.1FM and X 107.1FM.

“Childhood obesity is a major issue in Cayman … It became a very important issue for a lot of our members who either faced this as a child or knows someone who had or is currently facing it,” said the Rotaract Club’s director of community service Andrea Balderamos.

The Rotaract Club hopes to raise funds through text donations to help the Children’s Health Task Force implement healthy living and eating programmes in Cayman’s schools. The Children’s Health Task Force is a not-for-profit organisation with a core team of doctors, nutritionists, nurses, health experts and community advocates for the betterment of the health of the youth of Cayman.

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