Attempted robbery charge in court

Eye witness assisted police

The attempted robbery of a money courier was detailed in Summary Court on Monday when Calmore Wilbur Range made his first appearance.  

Range, 40, was charged with possession of an imitation firearm with intent to commit the offence of robbery. 

Crown Counsel Marilyn Brandt said the incident occurred on 2 December near Foster’s Food Fair in Countryside Village, the shopping complex in Savannah. 

She told Magistrate Nova Hall the courier was taking money from Foster’s in a bag. As he exited the store and headed toward an armoured vehicle, he was approached by a man who grabbed the bag, took out a weapon and pointed it at him. 

The courier realised the weapon was not real and a struggle ensued between the two men. The courier was able to pull the bag from the other man’s grip and in doing so fell to the ground with the bag. His attacker ran off. 

Ms Brandt said an independent eye witness recognised the man who had tried to take the money bag and that information was relayed to police. 

Subsequently, the police received information the man was attempting to leave the jurisdiction. They attended Owen Roberts International Airport in George Town and confronted the defendant about the allegation. He made certain admissions, saying he just wanted to leave Grand Cayman and go back to Venezuela. In an interview, he again made admissions, but denied being in possession of a gun. 

Ms Brandt objected to bail and the magistrate remanded Range in custody until Tuesday, 20 December. 

Range said he had an attorney who could not be present because he was in a Grand Court trial; however, it was expected the attorney would attend on the next mention date. 

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