CrossFit Seven Mile impressed

CrossFit Seven Mile has only existed a year but it has attracted lots of serious athletes as well as casual gym goers looking to lose weight and increase their fitness level. 

That was evident at last week’s Intertrust Cayman Marathon where  

26 members ran the marathon on teams, halfs or full marathons and 10 did the triathlon last month as well. 

Carl Brenton is one of the CrossFit Seven Mile gym owners. He said: “We have had members participate in the Cayman Marathon and triathlon as well as the Miami and Switzerland Ironmans. Our most accomplished runners this year are Caroline Cahill, Pam Abbott, Stephen Peel and Gill Commins. 

“Both Pam and Caroline set personal records this year. Caroline ran a 3 hour 16 minute Boston Marathon which was a 13 minute improvement on her personal record and Pam won the women’s triathlon for the first time. All of our endurance athletes have remarked about their ‘CrossFit legs’ – referring to the fact that they were stronger and able to push harder and longer through the races.” 

“We have several great CrossFit stories. One of our most recent is about one of our members who is 24. In eight months she has lost 38lbs, six inches from her hips, six inches from her chest, eight in her waist, two-and-a-half in her biceps and she is down 12 per cent body fat. When she started with us she couldn’t run 200 metres  

“We have had an amazing year and transformed many lives with our unique brand of training. In 2012 we plan to take our members to the next level by really helping improve their nutritional habits.  

“We have seen our members have three times the results when they also improve their nutrition. We have a great systemised approach that we will use next year where we make small lasting habit changes every few weeks that, over the course of months, add up to significant improvements in how a person uses food to fuel their body.  

“Our goal is to make fitness and nutrition part of our members’ lifestyle so that they live long healthy lives as opposed to just jumping on the next fad workout or crash diet.” 

crossfit beach cayman

CrossFit Seven Mile members are fitter than ever. – PHOTO: SUBMITTED

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