Brac hits the light switch

It’s not unusual to see trees at the Agricultural Grounds on Cayman Brac, but this year for the first time, a brightly lit Christmas trees adorns the grounds. 

More than 500 people attended the tree lighting ceremony and set a festive mood for the season ahead, according Deputy District Commissioner Mark Tibbetts, who was Master of Ceremonies. 

Deputy Premier and Minister for District Administration Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, along with Kearney Gomez and District Commissioner Ernie Scott and Deputy District Commissioner also took part in the proceedings.  

Ms O’Connor-Connolly said: “This event was a good reminder of what the season is about. The audience left with the holiday spirit. It is beautiful scenery for all the family and we are hoping to turn this into a Brac tradition for the entire family. This event provided another way to utilise the Agriculture Grounds.” 

The Christmas lights, mainly in white, green and blue, depicted a nautical theme, she said. 

The lights and the ceremony cost $5,207.16, according to the Ministry of District Administration. 

Carollers from various churches took part, including Hillside Chapel (Baptist), Fellowship Baptist Church and Mission Home, Ebenezer Church, Stake Bay Baptist Church, Cotton Tree Bay Church of God Parsonage, Seventh Day Adventist Mission, All Nations Pentecostal and the combined choirs of West End, Creek and Spot Bay Primary Schools. Raymond Scott, Pastor Tom French and District Commissioner Ernie Scott also provided entertainment, along with Neila Jones, Kevin Roberts, Annie Rose Scott, April Tibbetts, Georgia Isaacs and the youngest soloist was 10-year-old Gina Grant who sang “Away in a Manger”. 

The Deputy Premier and District Commissioner Scott threw the switch that lit up the thousands of lights in the Grounds, and shortly afterwards, Santa arrived. 

cayman brac christmas tree

Christmas lights at the Agricultural Grounds. – PHOTO: ED BEATY


  1. Let’s start with this peculiar quote; The Christmas lights, mainly in white, green and blue, depicted a nautical theme, she (Ms O’Connor-Connolly) said.

    To the best of my recollection the port side of a sea vessel is indicated with a RED navigation light and the starboard side with a Green one.

    If these Christmas lights are to be depicting a Nautical Theme (maybe Red/Green bow lights for instance?), What Happened to the RED Lights?

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