Developing, designing a career

If you haven’t yet heard of Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan, better known as Colin & Justin, don’t panic – it won’t be long now. These two fabulous Scotsmen have made a name for themselves in the design world and on television thanks to a savvy eye for design and a sympathetic nature towards those who paint everything puce. 

Their good fortune began purely by chance. They had transformed their own flat on a budget and a real estate agent, blown away by what they had done with the place, got them an on-screen interview in the UK to discuss their talents. That one appearance was enough to convince producers that they wanted to see more of the toothsome twosome with their brilliant chemistry and penchant for transforming rooms from the ridiculous to the sublime. They got their own show called the Million Pound Property Experiment on the BBC which was a huge hit, and word spread across the pond to Canada. They now have an international fan base that follows them and their latest program “Home Heist” on HGTV (which has been translated into many different languages) where they step in, revamp, and step out, leaving grateful and often weepy owners in their wake. 


Cayman visit 

They recently visited Grand Cayman for a couple of weeks, and managed to include a sojourn over to the sister islands on the same trip. After sampling food at restaurants from the West End to West Bay and stopping by local places of interest such as the Cayman Motor Museum and Boatswain’s Beach (not to mention a social with the stingrays) they quickly fell in love with the culture and yes, designs to be found in these islands. You can’t beat Mother Nature’s paintbrush when it comes to the clear seas and white sandy beaches, but they were very impressed with (for example) Camana Bay, the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman, the interiors of some private homes, and the wonderfully authentic and colourful Caribbean houses to be found throughout the different districts. 

Before they made their way back to frosty Toronto and chilly Scotland, they made a promise that they will be returning to our shores as soon as possible. As they said themselves: “Once you discover paradise, you can’t simply forget that it exists. You have to revisit it over and over again!” With that they boarded the plane, on their way to redecorate and revitalise the next lucky person’s abode. 

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