Chuggers cook Crabbies for fun

The Coors Light Chuggers got some sweet revenge against an old nemesis with an impressive 16-4 victory over the Clubhouse Crabbies last Sunday at the Field of Dreams. 

Last season, the Crabbies – then called the Glovernauts – gave Coors Light two of its only three losses on the season, including one in the semi-finals of the play-offs that ended the Chuggers’ season. The Glovernauts then went on to win the B-League championship. 

On Sunday, it looked like the Crabbies would continue their recent dominance of Coors Light as they jumped out to an early 4-1 lead after one inning, aided by some sloppy defence on the part of the Chuggers.  

But Sunday mornings are a favourite time to play for the Chuggers and once they were fully awake, their defence clamped down and gave one of its most impressive performances, holding the Crabbies scoreless for the final six innings. After scoring a run in the second inning, the Chuggers scored five in the third to take a 7-4 lead and they never looked back. They added three runs in the fourth inning, a single run in the fifth inning and five more in the seventh. 

With the score 10-4 in the bottom of the fifth inning, the Crabbies did threaten to make a game of it. With two on and nobody out, Clubhouse shortstop David Makin hit a shot to right field which looked like it might go to the fence for a three-run home run. However, Chuggers’ right fielder Christina Hefner made a fine catch and then threw a strike to first base to double off the runner who had headed to second base without tagging up.  

Chuggers’ coach Alan Markoff gave Hefner, who also had two hits in the game, the coveted Coors Light Fist of Victory player of the game award for her effort. 

“If Christina doesn’t make that catch, the Crabbies were right back in the game, trailing by only three runs with nobody out,” Markoff said. “Instead, we still had a six-run lead, there was a runner on second and two outs. That pretty much demoralized Clubhouse and they didn’t put up much fight after that.” 

The Chuggers were led offensively by James Lewis with four hits, Matt Bone with three hits including a three-run home run and Alex Angel, who had a pair of hits and a home run.  

The Chuggers, who were coming off an embarrassing 22-6 loss against Division I Kirk Freeport, improved to 4-1 on the season. They remained in first place in Division II. 

Coors Light Co-captain Mark Wallace said the Chuggers were focused on taking care of business the rest of the season. 

“It’s on; like Donkey Kong,” Wallace said. “We’re 4-0 in the B-League.” 

Markoff said it was good to get the win against the Crabbies after losing twice to them last season.  

“We’ve had a long history against them, even though they’ve changed their team name several times. We’ve handed it to them on occasion and they’ve handed it us on occasion. I guess it was our turn to do the handing on Sunday.” 

The two teams meet again on 20 March, but that game will be on field four. The Crabbies have never beaten the Coors Light team on field four at the Field 
of Dreams. 


The Chuggers are undefeated in the second division. – PHOTOS: SUBMITTED


  1. Oh how I miss the island and the league! Love following up on league here so thanks to the Compass. Have a great season and a little Canadian Support from Toronto to team Starfish Sports!!!

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