Learn art of stained glass

Most people think of churches or places of worship when they think about stained glass. However, decorative pieces for the home or workplace may also be made from stained glass and Nancy Davey, in collaboration with the Visual Arts Society, will be teaching a six-week course in the ancient art beginning 20 March.

Nancy has had a keen interest in art since childhood and has dabbled in various media, but for the past 10 years or so she has focused on stained glass.

The art of stained glass dates back more than 1,000 years. The process, as Nancy will demonstrate and participants will practice themselves, consists of cutting sheets of coloured glass into pieces that fit together much like a puzzle. The finished “picture” may be hung in a window, allowing natural sunlight to pass through.

The classes, which will take place Tuesday evenings, will cover the whole process from choosing a design – this may be from a picture or piece of artwork that is then sketched out to make the design – to picking and cutting the glass, grinding and foiling and soldering.

“Stained glass is an exacting medium which requires great patience, care and attention to detail, but to see the sun shining through brilliant coloured glass is worth all the effort,” she says.

All course materials will be provided. Spaces are limited so reserve your space early. 
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