Watching for BT ramp

As I sit and watch the building of the Bodden Town boat ramp, Ii am excited to see this long over-due boat ramp being built.

But still I must hold my breath, for this is the second time this project has been started.

As the Go East chairman in the time of the PPM government, this project was to be built by Mr. Charles Clifford who had a good plan along with the committee for the Bodden Town Go East programme.

I, Emile S. Levy, saw a good plan being put together by Mr. Clifford.

His plans included a lot of stalls for the local people of Bodden Town to have for their foods, arts and crafts to be able to interact with the tourists and bring some of the well needed money to our forever left out people and town.

At this present time I will not wait and see, for no one in government has called me or even had the manners to show or explain any facet of the project to me.

After all, I was the person that contacted and arranged the buying of the property for the boat ramp with the last government. Mr. Osborne Bodden and Mr. Charles Clifford were the ones that got the funds and bought the property.

I do support the building of this boat ramp but do not support the two members namely Mark Scotland and Dwayne Seymour in any political way.

Let us, the good people of Bodden Town, wait and see what this project will look like after completed.

They have placed a sign that says the Bodden Town boat ramp will be completed.

So far, I do not see any Bodden Towners working there and it seems that it is a go slow project, for one day there is work being done and then a few days later, no one is there working on the project.

Anyway, I will not be surprised to see a big mess at the Coe Wood Beach that will effect all the people that use that beach park for something and perhaps some shabby boat ramp erected there.

The plans that were put together by the Go East Team was not just a boat ramp or the removal of any sand form that area, but something that would benefit all the people of Bodden Town.

So to the present government, do your part to put some people from Bodden Town to work on that project and do not forget to put the stalls in place so that we can bring tourists to that location and our people can start to make some money from the tourists by selling them native crafts and more.

Do not start that boat ramp and stop for as we all know in our town that has been left out for far too long, it is well needed.

As our old folks would say, it is never too late for a good shower of rain. We need a better flow of the dollars from the tourists in our town; not a dump and a jail.

Emile S. Levy