Dart discussions are good

The Honourable Alden McLaughlin seems convinced that he is the only political figure in this country with ethics and a love for us his people.

To Mr. Alden, every politician outside his PPM group has needed or needs to be investigated. Yet he has never told us how the PPM will wrestle Cayman back from socio-economic disaster and despair.

It appears from Mr. McLaughlin’s posturing and antics that whatever he might offer as policies to affect our economic recovery will not include the Dart group of companies; because close contact with Dart employees might cause his loyal foot soldiers to label even him a man of ethics, as being under Dart power.

I have on radio and in this paper suggested that grave mistakes have been made in the way the alliance between our government and the Dart group of companies was formed and executed; however, the Dart group has now if not before, become and in-dispensable and inseparable part of our economic future, if we still have one.

Between 2005 and 2009, Mr. Alden had the power to demonstrate that he was not fearful of discussing across a table with the employees of one of the most powerful families operating in the Caribbean. But he did not use those years to seriously examine what the future business projections of Dart Reality were nor to build the necessary trust and understanding between the Dart group and the people of these Islands.

Instead, being of a superior moral order, Mr. Alden and his party between 2005 and 2009 were most concerned with showing that they were above Dart’s money; thereby, leaving necessary critical negotiations and compromises with that group, for these times when we have little time to find alternative investors.

Between 2001 t0 2005, I was the minister for Community Services and I had regular meetings with employees of the Dart Cayman group. Never once did I feel dirty or corrupt or did any Dart employee demonstrate any other impulses toward me and my office than that of respect and an excitement for the projects they were assigned to develop for us the people of these Islands.

Of the five parks developed by Dart three were developed while I had responsibility for Community Services. Cayman now has a fairly new Department, which came about as a result of the need to manage these five parks that the Darts handed over to our people. But before Dart had offered to build parks, political leaders had never even mentioned that word. The thought that parks are good for our families had crossed nobody’s lips in political discussions yet Alden will still not say that Mr. Dart brought parks back to our culture and sunshine. And even if Alden will not say that Mr. Dart has acted in environmentally and socially conscious ways unknown to our leading families throughout our history; his mind is not absent of these facts.

George Town voters must therefore question the leader of the PPM position that Mount Trashmore should not be capped and a more ecologically conscious waste management facility developed in an area that, as far as I know, was not traditionally referred to as Bodden Town. Or does the second elected member for George Town feel so politically secure that he insults us George Town voters by telling us we should continue to play host to the garbage of the entire Island after having served so long as its economic lifeline as well as its garbage dump; when the quality of our waste management system could be greatly enhanced by closing the George Town site and opening another in Midland Acres.

This George Town voter is asking Alden, if his opposition to closing the dirty stinking dump in George Town and the opening up of an environmentally manageable waste disposal site in Midland Acres, is solely to inflame Bodden Town voters to the point where they are willing to remove Mark and John John in the next general election and replace them with PPM members.

Or does he simply think that Bodden Town residents should be able to say ‘not in my backyard’ because the poorer class of us that he is looking out for will vote him back in May 2013 anyway because our back yards have become parking lots for cooperate George Town.

Frank McField


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