Feeling a bit green?

‘Tis that time again for St. Patrick’s Day and pulling shamrocks from the mothballs.  

This 17 March is gearing up to be a doozy as it falls on a Saturday. It also happens to be the final day for the Six Nations Rugby and Ireland is playing England, so no matter what the result, expect the pubs to be packed from early.  

Those who are willing to venture into the maelstrom will find most of the action in the St. Patrick’s Triangle – Triple Crown, Coconut Joe’s and Fidel Murphy’s. All three are renowned for their celebrations with music, dancing, and games not designed for the faint of heart.  

If you fancy standing for hours with your hand on the Blarney Stone where the biggest prize for some is winning a bathroom break, then Coconut Joe’s is where you want to be. Triple Crown and Fidel Murphy’s will pour record-breaking amounts of Guinness for a thirsty crowd, and as the night wends merrily on don’t be surprised if people start displaying their lucky charms.  

Irish music will be playing through the speakers at Triple Crown, and Fidel’s will feature DJ Flex spinning tunes from yesterday, today, and of course the Emerald Isle. Seats are never guaranteed so get where you’re going before it all switches into high gear.  

By the time midnight rolls around the Saturday early closing time may be a blessing in disguise. Slainte!