Lord, MPs plan springtime visit

Lord Blencathra, the director of the Cayman Islands Government’s London Office, and three MPs from the United Kingdom’s All Party Parliamentary Group will visit the Cayman Islands for a total of two weeks in March and April.

More than 35 meetings and visits are being organised for the delegation, to provide them with first-hand knowledge of matters of importance in the Cayman Islands. The meetings cover both the private and public sectors and include subjects such as business and commerce, biodiversity, tourism and culture, and Cayman’s political and legislative system.

“By the end of our visit we should all be in a much better position to reinforce a very positive message about the successes of the Cayman Islands in the UK Parliament and media,” Lord Blencathra said.

Lord Blencathra will arrive the week of 26 March; the MPs will arrive the week of 2 April. The visit will conclude on 6 April.


  1. Does this mean that Mr. Ezzard Miller is relieved of an expensive trip to the UK?

    I would think so.

    Please arrange for the public to be able to meet with the MP’s to voice their concerns.

    Also Ezzard, this request should be made direct to the UK, not the governors office, ’cause they will be making a pretty good show in front of these MP’s, so please let the UK know ahead of time that the people need to meet with them.
    The Caymanian people, the Chamber of Commerce does not decide if and when we meet with the MP’s who represent this territory. Just throwing that in, and
    the interest of the people should be chaired by Ms. Pitcarin and Mr. Wayne Panton. Not the Chamber of Commerce who represents big business and non-Caymanians.

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