George Town inspired after holding off Bermudians

The Caribbean Football Union Club Championships kicked off at the TE McField Annex on Sunday with George Town taking on North Village Rams at the TE McField Annex. George Town had the majority of possession for most of the game but could not capitalise on a host of chances against the Bermudian opposition.

Despite many attempts on goal, George Town could not score and the game ended scoreless.

George Town qualified for this game on the strength of winning the FA Cup last season. Next action at the TE McField Annex is on Tuesday, vying Premier League champs Elite against the Village Rams. 
Kick off is 7.30pm.

The third and final match in the Group 1 series is between the two home sides on Thursday at the TE McField Annex, again kicking off at 7.30pm, George Town must feel confident having drawn against the semi-pro visitors and knowing full well what to expect 
from Elite.

The group winners and the best runners-up of the three groups will advance to the next round in Puerto Rico against the Puerto Rico Islanders and Caledonia AIA of Trinidad in May. 
Tickets are $10.