Students talk national symbols

Local high school students were reminded of the importance of the Cayman Islands’ national symbols, during a series of recent presentations by the government’s Protocol Office.

Protocol Coordinator Meloney Syms addressed four school assemblies at John Gray and Clifton Hunter high schools last week. There, she spoke with students on the relevance, components and usage of the coat-of-arms, national song, flag and anthem.

“A sense of national patriotism must begin with individual pride!” Ms Syms said. “The high school students were very receptive to the sessions, and expressed much appreciation of our unique song and flag.”

The interactive discussions included demonstrations of flag etiquette, as well as PowerPoint presentations.

The Cayman Islands Protocol Office advises government on the handling of local and foreign dignitaries. It focuses on the structure of ceremonial occasions and the roles officials play and is working to bring together and modernise existing government procedures in these areas.

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