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Running a small business can often be more challenging than managing a big company.

Until recently telecommunication solutions for small businesses didn’t have all the features that larger systems offered but all that has changed.

“Mobility is something that is really taking off for small and medium businesses” says Mark Woollard of LIME.  “More and more of the telecommunication solutions that we design for customers today incorporate mobile, in fact some customers don’t even want a phone on their desk.”

Companies whose staff are out in the field more often than at their desks rely heavily on their mobile handset to operate as their main device. This can be a significant cost saving for a company when taking into account the cost of full-featured PBX phones.

“The phone system lots of small businesses are using today is basically a line for a receptionist, a couple of lines for management but the majority of calls come in and are automatically directed straight to a mobile phone, the employee’s mobile handset becomes their extension.  To further integrate mobile and office phone systems LIME offers cell boxes so that the call from the PBX to the employee is a mobile call which means they benefit from mobile to mobile calling rates.

“You can also have closed user groups that offer free calling between staff. This offers more flexibility and reduced cost and obviously for any business when they can reduce their operating costs it’s great,” says Woollard.  As LIME offer phone systems from Avaya, Cisco and Mitel, Woollard says customers can be certain they they will get the system that best suits their needs.

“Features and benefits that were previously only available for large businesses are now affordable for a small business with only a couple of people.  All of the PBX’s today are very scalable so you purchase the system that is right for your business and then add to it as you expand, you no longer have to rip it out and start again,” he says.

LIME also offers extensive support for business customers with a dedicated account representative managing their account, along with access to a dedicated business call centre that operates 24/7.  “We’ve got a large and knowledgeable workforce on both the sales and technical side. If a customer wants a bespoke solution we can bring in our technical engineers. Firstly we’ll find out exactly what the customer is looking for, then we will design a system that will achieve all their objectives,”says Woollard.

With business today relying on much more than just mobile phones, access to mobile data through 4G dongles and Mifi devices has also begun to play an important role. 

“You are no longer tied to the office; you can do business from anywhere, whether from a hotel, coffee shop or restaurant in fact anywhere you are meeting your clients,” says Woollard. 

When it comes to calling plans, LIME even allows plan minutes to be shared, which can be a much more efficient way for a small business to manage its mobile needs rather than signing up for  numerous contracts.  With landline, mobile, Internet and mobile data all under one roof and one one bill, cost management also becomes much easier. And for a small business, time is the most precious commodity.”

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