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Mentoring Cayman is in its 10th year and has helped hundreds of outstanding students connect with members of Cayman’s workforce to give them a better idea of a particular career but also of what it means to be part of a working environment.  

Half way through this year’s programme we checked in with some of our mentors and students to see what the programme means to them:

“The Mentoring Cayman programme has been a great experience so far. I have learned a lot, not only about my mentor’s profession, which is very exciting, but also about my everyday choices. I have also learned about all of the different steps I can take towards achieving my chosen profession. Working with my mentor has also been a wonderful experience. He is an excellent adviser and teacher and has showed me a lot so far.”

Wunyae Crawford,
Clifton Hunter High School

“Mentoring has enhanced my view on how young people perceive working life and how with a little inspiration, you can open their minds to opportunities not thought of before. The chance for me to enthuse, broaden and stimulate the thoughts of someone to the opportunities that are available, has given me so much satisfaction that I would like to pursue enhancing my role as mentor.

I hope that I have shown my mentee that if you set realistic goals, keep focused no matter how hard it maybe or how far ahead in the future it is, the results are rewarding and may possibly even open new doors that turn your professional goals in different directions. I hope this mentoring programme has helped my mentee as it has certainly opened a new door for me.”

Jonathan Taitte,
senior network engineer, Logic

“It is a privilege to be involved in supporting my mentee through her formal education, to encourage her personal development and confidence in aspiring to and enjoying a very successful and dynamic future. It is such a positive experience, I would highly recommend people to get involved in the programme.”

Lucy McFadyen,
insurance broker, Marsh Management.

“It is a wonderful programme because I receive so much attention with anything that concerns me.
Also, I receive so much positive feedback from my mentor. It is a great way to educate young Caymanians.”

Noviann McLean,
Clifton Hunter High School.

“Participating in the Mentoring Cayman programme has been a mixture of stress and enjoyment. Stress due to the obligation to provide appropriate advice and trying to expose my mentee to a wide array of experiences–enjoyment at getting to know a young student with similar interests, while he is planning his future.”

Jeremy Elmas,
Weststar TV Ltd.

“This is the second time I have been a mentor in this inspirational programme run by our Chamber of Commerce.  As a teacher now in the corporate world, I enjoy guiding some of Cayman’s brightest pupils to discover their skill strengths, their career focus and confidence can really flourish on this programme.”

Nancy Kirkaldy Barnard,
marketing manager, Mourant Ozannes.

Spending time, getting to know my mentee allows us to learn and share ideas/experiences both of us can benefit from in our professional and personal lives.

Lisa Ebanks,
Rainbow Realty, realtor/interior designer

“Mentoring Cayman is a positive experience for both mentor and student. It’s a joy to share the day with someone who offers a fresh perspective on our daily jobs”

Lori Chartier,
Project Controls

So far there have been four workplace visits between students and their mentors. The fifth visit will take place on 16 April and then a special social evening is planned on the Red Sail Sports Catamaran Cruise on 7 May. The Mentoring Cayman programme will conclude with a closing ceremony hosted by Governor Duncan Taylor on 7 June, 2012.

For more information on the Mentoring Cayman programme  

contact Leanna Jarvis at the Chamber of Commerce on [email protected]
or call 949-8090 ext. 121


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