Mind Makeovers

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Training is not always about adding more knowledge; sometimes it’s just as important to rediscover what you already know!

At Solutions Ltd. we know that training can often seem daunting.  Organisations operating in a recession often see learning and development as a luxury they can’t afford. And as individuals with overly demanding responsibilites, though we love the idea of growing (intellectually, personally, or professionally), oftentimes the last thing we have time to do is go through the process required to learn new things.

In order to make the process more appealing, we encourage our clients to start by assessing their assets – essentially, what they already know and the skills they’ve already mastered – and reshaping those assets into something that will be useful in their growth process.  Through this “asset assessment,” our clients realise they’re almost never starting from scratch so the learning process can be both streamlined and more economical.

Don’t strive to become a new you – challenge yourself to become a better you!  Though, as a society, we are constantly looking for ways to reshape our bodies (through exercise, dieting, weight training and body sculpting), oftentimes we overlook the benefits of reshaping our minds. Through Solutions Ltd.’s counselling services, we assist our clients to reshape their current thinking  patterns

into something more positive, or manageable. Through our mediation services, we assist participants in dispute to reshape the conflict into something negotiable. Similarly, through our training  services, though our clients will likely be presented with new concepts, we try not to teach so much as facilitate the reshaping of our clients’ minds – taking what they already have and reshaping into something they want to have.

Contact Solutions Ltd. for a free consultation with our training department and get a kick start on your mind makeover.

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