Office Supply 8000 square foot office supply superstore

As more and more businesses open in the Cayman Islands, so the demand for office supplies, IT equipment and on-site service increases.

Office Supply was opened to meet the requirements of business owners looking for flexibility and quality in the products they buy.  Office Supply stocks everything for the office: Mitel phones, papers, pens, staplers, folders…the list goes on and on.

They sell computers, printers, accessories and consumables and understand that clients have their preferences when it comes to name brands, so they keep a variety on the shelf.   For example, they stock HP, Lexmark, Brother and Samsung printers in the entry-tomid range sizes, along with all of their necessary toners and inks. 

The helpful sales staff members can liaise with business owners to discuss their layout, suggest a network design and if necessary, order furniture and draw up plans to take an empty space from a shell to a functioning office.  Once the installation is  complete, they can follow up with service contracts, or be on call for any maintenance issues.

Office Supply makes it possible for smaller companies to function as though they have in-house support thanks to their fully staffed tech centre with technicians trained to repair computer  equipment and authorised to provide warranty service on HP and Dell products.  Larger companies or those who regularly produce large-scale projects may be interested in taking a look at the Sharp showroom with working multi-function printers on display.

Again, a sales representative will identify requirements, provide a demonstration and suggest the model to produce optimum results.  But what is the solution when large projects are necessary but rare?  Investing in expensive equipment makes no sense in this case, and again Office Supply can assist. They have a Sharp copy centre that will scan, copy, print, bind and laminate your vision.

An idea gets fed into the hopper, and out comes a professionally finished product on the other side. It is like hiring temporary staff members without the cost and the paperwork.  Office Supply offers superstore pricing, free next-day delivery and a range of services to keep your business running.

Marquee Plaza
36 Lawrence Boulevard, Grand Cayman
service: 946.1201
sales: 946.1200

email: [email protected]


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