Saxon MG the Green Car Insurers

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Car insurance just got a whole lot easier–and greener–with Saxon MG. The motor insurance company has harnessed the power of modern technology, and combined it with their 50 years experience in the industry to make purchasing car insurance a straightforward and stress free affair.

Because Saxon MG is committed to being environmentally responsible, they have developed the technology that enables them to operate a 100 percent paper-free office. Thanks to electronic forms and the ability to store customer details digitally, Saxon MG has eliminated the use of paper in their own offices. For their customers this means that there is no need to go into the office to fill out paper work or pay for one’s policy at all–it can all be done online or over the phone.

It is estimated that by eliminating paper, the savings in terms of not only printer paper but also printers, toner, power and so on will add up to around $25,000 per year–savings that Saxon MG will pass right on to their customers.  As a further example of their commitment to preserving natural resources Saxon MG uses only CFC lightbulbs in their offices and has variable thermostats for their air conditioning systems, all of which contribute to keeping energy consumption–and by extension operating expenses–down.

With a new website designed to demystify the whole process of insuring one’s vehicle as well as making it simple to view one’s options, get a quote and purchase a policy, Saxon MG leads the way in making purchasing car insurance easy and straightforward. 

Clear explanations of the different policies and levels of coverage are provided on the website so that you know exactly what you are purchasing and what you are covered for.  Simply fill out the relevant details as requested and you will be presented with fully comprehensive and third party quotes right from home.

Better still, third party policies can be customised, so that car owners can add coverage for certain eventualities, such as fire, theft, windscreen damage and, for the four legged furry members of the family, there is even pet injury coverage.  If you don’t want to commit to purchasing insurance right away, your details will be stored in the system so that next time you log in, you needn’t fill out all your details again.

Customers also have the option of creating payment plans to suit them. One can even purchase pay as you go insurance, paying a monthly premium for as long as needed and simply cancelling when it is no longer required.  


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