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For over 25 years Island Supply has been supplying hotels, restaurants and institutions in Grand Cayman with all their food service needs.  Over the years the company’s product range has expanded to include not only kitchen equipment and small wares but also janitorial supplies and food items.

In recent years Island Supply has become something of a pioneer in the “green revolution” in Cayman, working to become part of the solution, rather than part of the problem, when it comes to protecting the natural environment. 

Wherever possible, Island Supply offers ecological and biodegradable alternatives including a full range of earth friendly chemical systems as well as cloths, paper products and food service disposables, thus playing an important part in reducing the amount of harmful waste being released out into the island’s environment.

Island Supply’s Green Solutions programme aims to replace non-renewable, reusable or recyclable products with alternatives that work equally efficiently but are environmentally responsible. 

Island Supply’s knowledgeable sales representatives encourage their clients to switch to these greener, cleaner products wherever possible.  In terms of chemicals for cleaning purposes, Island Supply has a range of earth-friendly, biodegradable Green Seal certified chemicals and dispensers that ensure only the required volume of cleaning product is used, thus preventing waste and ensuring excess chemicals are not flushed out into the environment.

Island Supply also promotes the use of microfibre cloths and mops which can be reused over and over and have the ability to absorb oils and 99% of bacteria while being non abrasive and leaving behind no lint. Microfibre cloths require little or no use of chemicals to clean effectively.

Disposable Styrofoam food containers that can quickly accumulate in landfills are also being phased out and replaced with corn cups, bamboo based plates and biodegradable paper products whenever possible. 

Paulette Mclennon

Originally from Jamaica, Paulette Mclennon has spent the past 25 years in Grand Cayman and has been part of the Island Supply team for over 15 years. A Senior Sales Representative, Paulette is key in promoting Island Supply’s range of eco-friendly products.  Due to the regular training courses she attends, Paulette has a thorough knowledge of how different chemicals can be detrimental not only to the environment but also to the health of those who are regularly exposed to them.

Paulette aims to educate people about the benefits of the Green Seal products as well as sharing her knowledge of which chemicals are safe to use on different surfaces.

“Because Green Seal chemicals do not contin solvents or bad active ingredients, they are safer for the cleaners who use them,” she explains. “Janitors and people who work with harsh chemicals on a daily basis often complain to me of migraines and headaches, but when they switch to the environmentally safe chemicals, these issues often clear up. It’s a great feeling to be able to help people in this way.”

Paulette Mclennon
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