The Market at the Grounds

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The Market at the Grounds in Lower Valley on a Saturday morning has created something that is quite special, a place where farmers sell the crops they grow and the public gets a chance to buy fresh, locally grown produce and meet with the people who grow it.

Since it started in 2007 the Market has been a huge success and it’s not hard to see why; apart from the fact local produce tastes way better, if you want to commit to a greener lifestyle, being able to buy produce that is grown locally in a sustainable way, is better than buying food that has a huge carbon footprint after travelling thousands of miles and taking days to get here.

In contrast, the food that can be bought at the Market is at its peak of freshness, much of it is natural and therefore it retains the health giving benefits of vitamins and minerals. Indeed the Market at the  Grounds reflects what has become a growing demand worldwide for local produce both from top chefs and consumers.

The initial idea behind the market was a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Agriculture, the Department of Agriculture and the Cayman Islands Agricultural Society. The plan for setting
up Market at the Grounds was to give farmers and artisans an outlet for everything grown and produced locally. As people on Island realised that they could buy food that was fresh and wholesome, the market has became increasingly popular and continues to expand its range.

You can buy vegetables and fruit in season ranging from crops like peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, coconuts and mangoes, to basil, rocket and romaine lettuce, celery, garlic and red onions. Fresh caught fish and goat meat is available.

You can also buy herbs, breads and baked goods and locally made pepper jellies, all uniquely Caymanian . For anyone who cares about what they eat, about the health giving properties of food and supporting local businesses, the Market at the Grounds is the place to go.

The Market at the Grounds the flavours and essence of the cayman islands
Every Saturday Morning – 7am – 12pm
Stacy Watler Pavilion at the Grounds,
Lower Valley
grand cayman KY1-1106
t: 345.947.3090
f: 345.947.6501
[email protected]


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