West Bay halfway house activated

The relocation of a halfway house for men to the District of West Bay culminated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday, 14 April. 

Spearheaded by the Hope for Today Foundation, which was formed a year-and-a-half ago, the home will serve as a place of recovery for those who wish to live a life free of substance abuse. 

“Perhaps the greatest demonstration of clients’ will to overcome their problems is the fact that the halfway house residents buy, share and cook their own food, as well as participate in chores, maintenance and even pay some of their weekly earnings toward their rent,” said Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush, who gave the opening address at the ceremony.  

Mr. Bush said it was fitting to call the facility a halfway house, because society had to meet those who are afflicted half way, “especially when we see that they first have done their part.” 

The premier noted that since its inception, the programme has already produced what can be considered to be five success stories of men who have received help, recovered and are now gainfully employed and still attending recovery programmes. 

The building being used for the halfway house is the property of a private citizen and will be rented to the Cayman Islands government for the programme. 

McKeeva Bush West Bay halfway house

Premier McKeeva Bush addressed a group gathered for the launch of a newly relocated halfway house. – PHOTO: STUART WILSON

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