Shibli seeks magic time

Irish Jog champion David Shibli has been an occasional runner throughout his adult life but he only started taking the sport seriously just before Christmas.

That has led to a remarkable improvement in his times with the intention of breaking the three hour marathon mark, a feat all decent runners hope to break. Shibli, 46, races in the Carmel, Indiana Marathon on Saturday.

“Since 15 December I’ve been training for this day specifically, building up from 5k through 10k and half marathons,” Shibli said. “I have done absolutely zero long runs as prescribed by almost all coaching schools and focused on improving speed, diet, weight and mental toughness.

“I was finding that a 20 mile training run was such a pain to recover from that I decided to just forget about long runs. The longest runs have been half marathons in January, February and one in March.

“There’s going to come a point on Saturday when I’m in uncharted waters round about mile 18-20.” Shibli will be running with another top Cayman based runner, Derek Larner who is in good form himself and will run the half marathon.

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