CI Helicopters makes rescue on oil rig

A local helicopter service was called into action Tuesday to pick up an injured worker aboard an oil rig that was passing in the vicinity of Grand Cayman.  

According to Cayman Islands Helicopters owner and pilot Jerome Begot, a worker on board the Pacific Santa Ana drilling platform had lost his finger in an industrial accident and was losing a significant amount of blood.  

On Tuesday, the CI Helicopters aircraft flew out to the rig, landed on the platform, picked up the injured man and flew back to Owen Roberts International Airport where it was met by an ambulance that had been arranged by Thompson Shipping, Mr. Begot said.  

The injured man was taken to Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town and was said to be fine and expected to recover. 

CI heli rescue

The Cayman Islands Helicopters aircraft lands on the the Pacific Santa Ana rig Tuesday. – Photo: Submitted


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