Get disciplined

Discipline may be the cutting edge between success or failure in many aspects of life.

Most people are optimistically inclined toward success, but some lack the discipline to apply the necessary effort for the desired goal. Others lack the discipline to stick-it-out, to be patient and work and wait for results, especially when it comes to losing weight.

Discipline is a word that may evoke images and feelings of endured hardship, torture, doing something we don’t want to do, structure, military precision, hard work, stretching beyond our comfortable habits. It does not really have to be so harsh.

Discipline is, according to the dictionary, (yes, I still have one), an orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behaviour.

We discipline ourselves to brush our teeth each night even when dogged tired or to complete the work assignment so that we can relax and take the weekend off. We practise discipline when we say no to second helpings of fluffy, fattening desserts.

Discipline is training or instruction that perfects or moulds mental faculties, physical fitness and moral character. In essence, discipline is having the courage to do what needs to be done before you are forced to do it or suffer the consequences of not doing it.

The only way to develop discipline to do what you need to do is by doing the very thing you need to do.

Donna Mitchell is a lifestyle consultant specialising in weight management and self-help. She can be contacted on [email protected]

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