Veteran’s salute honours Caymanian musicians

Three Caymanians will be honoured at the Veteran’s Salute concert and awards ceremony in Jamaica on 26 May alongside many popular Jamaican acts who have contributed to the Reggae Music fraternity over the course of time.

Edlyn Miles, Catchus “Super C” Stewart and Bunny Miles have been selected from the Cayman Islands because of their lifelong commitment and contribution to music and fostering a relationship between the two islands.

Others to be honoured or appear on the show, which is slated to take place at the Mandeville, Kirkvine Sports Centre include Nadine Sutherland, Reggae singing group Lust, Marcia Griffiths, Professor Nutts, Josey Wales and Junior Cat, General Trees and Lady G.

Super C will provide the music for the show during “the start, middle and end,” according to the show’s organiser Derrick Smith. He added that Super C will be joined by Jamaican Selector/Disc Jockey Ricky Trooper.

Mr. Smith explained that once the show in Jamaica wraps up the show will be coming to the Cayman Islands for the first Saturday in November.

The Veteran’s Salute show and award ceremony is part of the celebrations marking 50 years of independence for Jamaica.

“It feels great and means a lot to me to recognised in this regard. I have put a lot in the music and didn’t do it just for fun but took it to heart mind and soul for 25 years. I really love and respect the music and I am glad people are out there seeing it and that we have always kept it positive. I have achieved many awards but this is one of the greatest and I am looking forward to this and hopefully receiving many more,” said Super C of the acknowledgement by his peers.

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