Newest mas band looking for Batabano participants

All Nations Cayman, the newest mas band, is heading into the final stretch of preparations for Batabano.

To celebrate, All Nations has a series of events leading up to the big parade to get masqueraders in the mood and ready to jump.

Although, some costume sections are selling out, All Nations says it still has some limited traditional costumes available until Friday, 4 May, so everyone is encouraged to contact the band leaders to find out what’s left. However, masqueraders making a last-minute decision may still join in the T-shirt section even when all traditional costumes are sold out.

Presented by One Tree Four Five in its inaugural year, All Nations says it focuses on celebrating the diversity of nationalities and cultural backgrounds and their common experiences, circumstances and passions re-enforcing the message of acceptance, unity and brotherhood underneath a shared sense of pride in the Caymanian community. Masqueraders of all backgrounds, nationalities and colours are invited to join in and celebrate together.

For more information, call 
326-3302 or stop by the Swanky Shack at Hammerheads in George Town.

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